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Toe Shortening Surgery

In recent years, toe shortening surgery has become a popular procedure for individuals whose foot shape has caused persistent foot or toe pain, as well as significant embarrassment. With our renowned team of podiatry specialists, it should come as no surprise that more and more Southern Californians are turning to Beverly Hills Physicians for a host of foot-related procedures. If your feet are painful enough that it’s getting in the way of pleasurable activities and/or embarrassment is preventing you from being seen in sandals or barefoot, now may be the time to consider a surgical solution.

Recent advancements have led to more effective toe shortening surgery; Beverly Hills Physicians is at the leading edge of providing relief for individuals with greater ease and efficiency than ever before. It’s also a highly effective way to end the feeling of self-consciousness, and even shame, that uneven toes can create. Due to the skill of our specialists, patients undergoing toe surgery can expect more attractive, pain-free feet and can often wear high heels again within a surprisingly short time period.

Toe shortening surgery at Beverly Hills Physicians involves making an incision in the side of the long toe, dislocating the toe, shaving off the necessary amount of bone, and fusing the bones together. This cutting-edge procedure is a substantial improvement over past procedures, which generally involved a pin and sometimes led to ongoing pain and other complications.

If you’re suffering from toe problems or any other health or beauty issues that can benefit from our team of outstanding doctors and surgeons, you’ll want to get in touch with Beverly Hills Physicians. You’ll be put in touch with a knowledgeable and highly skilled physician who is eager to address any concerns you may have relating to your own health and appearance. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we are committed to aiding all of our patients on their journey toward a healthier, happier life. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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To learn more, contact Beverly Hills Physicians today. Our offices are all over Los Angeles and the Southland, including Beverly Hills, Encino, Thousand Oaks, Valencia, Pasadena, Carson and Oxnard.


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