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Breast Reduction Surgery

Why Breast Reduction?

breast reduction before and afterAlthough breast augmentation is the most sought-after form of cosmetic surgery, the size and weight of large breasts can cause great discomfort, among other physical symptoms, for some women. Breast reduction surgery changes the size, position, and volume of your breasts to make them more proportional to your body size.

Some women seek breast reductions in order to balance out a high variation in size from side to side. Breasts that are too large can cause physical pain and discomfort, predominantly in the back, neck, and shoulders, as well as irritation of the skin beneath the breasts. The pressure can force brassiere straps to cut into the shoulders and create visible grooves. Large breasts are not the only cause for a reduction; dense, fibrous breasts that aren’t necessarily as large can cause just as much pain and discomfort.

The primary goal of this procedure is to ensure personal comfort with body image; many women can feel self-conscious about their large breast size. For some women, large breasts can actually hamper physical activities and restrict their day to day lives.

Breast Reduction - Before Surgery Breast Reduction - Step 1 Breast Reduction - Step 2 Breast Reduction - Post Surgery

Images provided by American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

How is a Breast Reduction in Beverly Hills Performed?

During the breast reduction procedure, your plastic surgeon will make an incision that extends from the nipple down to the chest wall and then under your breast. Once the incision is made, the surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue. Remaining tissue is moved to a new position for an even, proportional look. The surgeon then closes the skin around your new breast mound.


If you plan to lose a large amount of weight, make sure you inform your surgeon before the procedure. Your weight can drastically affect your breast size. Similarly, pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing may affect your breasts. You may lose the ability to nurse your child after a breast reduction surgery. If you want children in the future, make sure you discuss it with your surgeon.

Above all, whatever decision you make, make sure that it is yours. Do not go through with any cosmetic procedures based on someone else’s wishes or intents.

Remember that in cases where your health and well-being are compromised by overly large breasts, a breast reduction with insurance is a possibility. Insurance-covered breast reduction surgery is important for women who experience excessive back pain, skin irritation, and decreased mobility.

Beverly Hills Physicians is home to a skilled and experienced team of health care professionals ready to give you the body you’ve always wanted. Contact us if you have any other questions about breast reduction.

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