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Topnotch Foot Care from a Renowned Beverly Hills Team

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we’re dedicated to helping our patients achieve the bodies they desire from head to toe. Our services and treatment options are performed by one of the most experienced and highly trained teams of surgeons, doctors, and medical professionals in the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas for world class results that don’t disappoint. This same commitment to quality extends to our excellent podiatry center which offers topnotch care to address any foot related issue making us a top podiatrist in Los Angeles.

Our BHP podiatry center offers a wide range of treatments for the feet, both for beatification purposes as well as out of medical necessity. Because the human foot is a highly complex structure that includes hundreds of ligaments, 33 joints, and 26 bones, many issues can arise including shin splints, tendonitis, bunions, and bone spurs. BHP Podiatry provides a full set of treatment options including bunion surgery by highly qualified professionals. For patients who are experiencing persistent toe pain due to the shape of their foot, BHP also offers a toe shortening, an effective procedure which has grown in popularity.

While other centers specialize in one or two areas of the body, at Beverly Hills Physicians, we have the knowledge, expertise, and the best trained and most dedicated staff to effectively provide treatments from head to toe. Don’t settle for second rate on care that covers any part of your body. The medical experts at BHP are the team you want in your corner to help you with any part of you, including your feet.


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