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Taking Care of Your Lowest Extremities

When it comes to health and beauty, sometimes the feet tend to be a bit of an afterthought…at least until something goes wrong. At that point, one of our lower extremities beset with a painful and unsightly health issue can suddenly move to top of our priority list. The good news is that Beverly Hills Physicians offers the services of the kind of the kind of outstanding podiatrist Los Angeles residents turn to when foot problems arise.

The services offered by BHP podiatrists include such leading edge procedure as toe shortening, a surgery that more and more patients are turning thanks to recent advances. It is now possible to make toes proportional for both aesthetic reasons and to deal with pain caused by uneven toes with far greater effectiveness than ever before. That's not all, such tried and true procedures as ingrown toenail removal, bunion surgery and athlete's foot treatments are available from the top foot specialists of BHP.

We all depend on our feet and where we go for podiatry makes a tremendous difference. Beverly Hills Physicians not only offers the services of the finest practitioners in Greater Los Angeles, it also offers the help of an outstanding medical support team of nurses and medical assistants.

There's more to the BHP difference, and that's our consultants who are here to walk you through the details of obtaining a procedure. Where applicable, they will provide assistance with insurance company paperwork. In situations where insurance may not cover a procedure, they are also able to construct payment plans that bring procedures within the financial reach of even people on very modest budgets.

Whether your feet are simply aching more than they should, are suffering from such uncomfortable and unattractive conditions as corns and calluses, or they simply aren't as pretty as they ought to be, BHP is here to help.


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