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You Haven't Lost Your Femininity Just Because You're a Mother

Although you may feel that you once were sexy, you may not feel that way after giving birth. After all, childbearing can greatly change a woman's figure, by leaving stretch marks, loose skin, and "deflated" breasts that are no longer as perky. Plastic surgery, however, can help you regain your feminine figure, with perkier breasts, a flatter tummy through a tummy tuck, and perhaps some liposuction in troublesome fat deposits. This procedure, called a mommy makeover, can make your body look beautiful, fit and youthful, and you may even look better than you did before you had children.

Beverly Hills Physicians has other ways to help women get back their femininity; ways that they may not even know exist. These are things such as vaginal rejuvenation, a simple outpatient procedure that can restore tone, increase sexual gratification, as well as increase sensation during intercourse, as well as reverse embarrassing light bladder leakage. For every woman, the physical after effects of motherhood vary, because some women may not experience the same symptoms and wouldn't even think about plastic surgery — many of these women are blessed with the genetics that mean they don't get stretch marks or sagging breasts. Some are just lucky enough to quickly bounce back from the pre-pregnancy weight mere months after their child is born. No matter your circumstances, BHP will treat you with the utmost discretion and compassion.

If you're interested in a mommy makeover or vaginal surgery, don't delay. Contact the caring professionals at BHP for a free consultation and get started back on the road to feeling like yourself.


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Disclaimer: Results vary, patients may achieve different cosmetic and weight loss results depending on body type, medical history, selected procedure and a variety of other factors. One patient’s success as shown by before and after pictures in no way guarantees similar results for other prospective patients.