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BHP Blog

A recent article on Today Health & Wellness describes how formerly severely obese 28 year-old Christine Carter faced serious challenges after receiving a gastric sleeve surgery, before successfully changing her mental approach and achieving her ideal weight. Ms. Carter’s case underlines the realities that weight loss surgeries, while highly effective, are no magic wand and need to be accompanied by a genuine commitment and psychological support.


Patients can benefit from several forms of follow-up care to support them on their weight loss journey. These include:

Psychological Screening and Post-Surgical Support – Before patients actually receive their procedure, it is crucial that they meet with a licensed clinical psychologist for an evaluation. This is to ensure that the patient is serious about changing her relationship with food following the procedure. While procedures such as the gastric sleeve and the Lap Band have been proven to help reduce the appetite and make permanent weight loss vastly more achievable for severely obese individuals, they still must be accompanied by very real changes in a patient’s overall relationship with food, and that is not always an easy adjustment. That is why, alongside psychological support, BHP patients also meet with a nutritionist to help them learn new and better eating habits. We also offer access to an online support group with 24 hour access to resources. Patients who are interested in an in-person support group can also be provided with services.  Frequent topics covered include emotional eating vs. mindful eating, coping skills, dealing with psychologically-induced “head hunger” and making the all-important behavioral changes needed for weight loss

Access to Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery – After successfully losing all 150 pounds, Christine Carter did what many patients have done and obtained a tummy tuck plastic surgery to deal with the loose folds of skin that often accompany a significant weight loss; she later showed off the results to her 128,000 followers on Instagram. BHP’s in-house team of outstanding plastic surgeons regularly performs procedures such as tummy tucks on patients who have lost a great deal of weight following a weight loss procedure. They note that many patients obtain these procedures not only because of aesthetic issues, but also because large folds of skin can also be uncomfortable and unsightly. Many patients find it easier and more convenient to obtain their weight loss procedure and follow-up plastic surgeries from a single provider.  

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A recent study has shown that a significantly reduced amount of white matter in the brain is associated with being overweight for a period of ten years when compared to leaner adults, according to a recent article on Medical News Today. The article goes on to speculate that obesity may be associated with premature brain shrinkage. These findings represent one more reason severely obese individuals should take a serious look at the bariatric approach to weight loss as the only safe and proven medical intervention against obesity. Patients who lose a significant amount of weight with the help of such procedures as a gastric sleeve or Lap Band can benefit from a variety of health and lifestyle improvements, such as:

Increased Energy Levels and Mental Capacity - Many severely obese patients suffer from sleep apnea, which is a condition that blocks air from entering through the patient’s nose and mouth while they sleep due to excess fat and tissue in the neck area. Aside from increasing fatigue and less acute mental function, the condition is also associated with reduced grey and white matter in the brain. Moreover, like obesity, sleep apnea is associated with a higher risk of a stroke, one of the most frequent causes of dementia. The good news is that sleep apnea is often resolved once the patient successfully loses his or her excess weight.


Better Mobility - Severely obese patients who successfully lose weight through procedures such as a Lap Band surgery or a gastric sleeve can experience a significant improvement in their mobility. By reducing the amount of weight the body is required to carry on a daily basis, bones and joints are relieved of the constant strain and pressure brought on by excess weight. Patients are then able to participate in a healthier and more active lifestyle, which can promote a long-lasting weight loss throughout their entire lives. Moreover, increased physical activity in later years has been shown to also have significant mental and psychological benefits.

The above are just two of a variety of lifestyle and health improvements patients experience after losing a significant amount of weight. By the way, patients who may not be candidates for bariatric surgeries because they are not designated as severely obese may be qualified for an Orbera gastric balloon weight loss procedure. 

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Some recent research reported in the Guardian and elsewhere shows that air pollution is a leading cause of premature facial aging, worsening such issues as wrinkling and age spots. Considering the multitude of environmental and health factors that can damage the skin, it’s far from surprising that the demand for highly effective plastic surgery procedures is at an all-time high. Fortunately, patients can repair the damaging effects of air pollution, stress, and many other contributing factors with a variety of extremely safe and leading-edge plastic surgery procedures and treatments that can target specific areas of the face, such as:

Eyes – Wrinkles and discoloration around the eyes can cause many patients to look older and more tired. In these situations, patients can benefit from highly effective plastic surgery procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to correct the visible signs of aging around the eyes. In addition, eyelifts can sometimes correct problems with peripheral vision, which can be sometimes significantly affected by sagging skin around the eyes.

Demand for Facial Procedures and the Aging Effects of Air Pollution

Cheeks - The physical signs of aging, whether caused by environmental factors, emotional stress, or genetics can be dramatic. This often leaves many patients with wrinkled, sagging and even hollow cheek bones that can make many patients appear older and less healthy than they really are. In these circumstances, patients can benefit from a face lift or cheek augmentation to restore the vitality and effectively contour the face. Patients who may prefer nonsurgical solutions have been increasingly turning to injectables such as Juvederm, Voluma, and Restylane for a similar, though more temporary, impact.

Neck - Aging isn’t always most apparent in the face. Drooping and sagging skin around the neck can result in the “turkey neck” many patients dread. The Los Angeles based medical group notes that patients can eliminate wrinkles and tighten the skin around the neck with extremely safe and highly effective procedures such as a neck lift. A rejuvenated and tightened neck can give the face definition and youth so that patients can look as young as they feel.

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Perhaps spurred on by social media, more men are deciding to undergo chin implant surgery in order to enhance their jawlines, says a recent article published July 20 on Mel. The increase in the number of men seeking to enhance their physical features points to the growing acceptance of plastic surgery as males become more conscious of their appearance, largely thanks to today’s ever-present high technology. The reality is that men, as well as women, seeking to improve their physical features can benefit from today’s extremely safe and leading-edge plastic surgery procedures for a variety of reasons, such as:

Social Media Presence - With more people than ever engaging in social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, physical appearance has become more important to many men, notes BHP, adding that men may now see images of themselves on their smart phones, tablets, and computers on a fairly constant basis. Whether a patient wants to improve their jawline, augment their lips or enhance their cheekbones, leading-edge facial plastic surgery procedures offer patients the chance to put their best face forward both online and in-person.

Career Aspirations – Middle aged and older men and women often feel that their aging appearance can harm their chances of obtaining certain job promotions and career opportunities. BHP notes that facial procedures, such as eyelid surgery, can remove any excess flabs of skin around their eyes for a more well-rested and youthful appearance. Any unsightly wrinkles and physical signs of aging can also be improved with other facial procedures such as face and neck lifts. We’re happy to say that both male and female patients alike often feel far more confident in their pursuit of their career goals once the visible effects of aging and stress are removed.

The Rising Trend of Male Chin Implants

Restorative Work - Oftentimes, when a patient loses a significant amount of weight after a weight loss surgery, excessive and unsightly flabs of loose skin remain on the body. Body contouring procedures, such as a tummy tuck, can remove the excess skin and improve the patient’s overall appearance of their body. A highly skilled and extremely experienced plastic surgeon can successfully perform this procedure with minimal scarring for the most natural looking results.  

For whatever reason a patient of any gender seeks out a plastic surgery, our BHP team of highly experienced and extremely skilled plastic surgeons are ready to improve his or her appearance. 

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Pokémon Go vs. Obesity?

It’s likely that a great many players may be motivated to become more physically active and may possibly lose some excess weight thanks to the enormous popularity of Pokémon Go, according to a recent article on Forbes. Although increased physical activity promotes weight loss and participating in activities like the video game phenomenon may help many people lose a few pounds, severely obese patients, particularly those with mobility issues, are unlikely to game their way to a new life. They will typically require the help of bariatric surgery to lose a significant amount of weight. However, severely obese individuals can benefit from vast improvements to their overall quality of life, such as:

More Fun – BHP notes that severely obese patients are often limited in their ability to participate in enjoyable physical activities, even relatively mild ones like Pokémon Go – often due to issues ranging from joint pain to shortness of breath. BHP adds that it’s hard to have fun when severe obesity is harming your health, and procedures such as the gastric sleeve and Lap Band can jumpstart patients weight loss and, with it, their overall health and happiness.

Reduced Health Risks - Obesity can be linked to various conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease that can then lead to numerous extremely dangerous health issues, most of which can seriously reduce both the quality and the length of a person’s life. With the help of weight loss surgery, patients can significantly reduce the potential for risks ranging from high blood pressure to sleep apnea, a dangerous condition which can also induce intense fatigues. Because these risks are significantly decreased with a significant weight loss, weight loss patients who have benefitted from today’s minimally invasive procedures can live significantly longer, healthier, and more fun-filled lives.

Confidence - Of course, losing a significant amount of weight can oftentimes make patients feel better about themselves. Being able to feel comfortable in a healthier body can motivate patients to make the most of their lives in ways that go far beyond participating in the latest augmented reality game craze. 

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The CDC has warned individuals interested in getting plastic surgeries against undergoing their procedures in foreign countries due to the numerous cases of surgery infections in the Dominican Republic, according to a recent article on WebMD. At BHP, we have long noted that medical tourism puts the patient at a greater risk for complications and infections, because health codes in foreign countries are often not as strict as the health standards in the United States. The good news is that patients can benefit from a variety of extremely safe and cutting-edge plastic surgery procedures available in the U.S., such as:

Breast Augmentation - One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures sought after by medical tourists is a breast augmentation. BHP notes that, for a breast augmentation to be both successful and safe, it must be performed by a highly skilled plastic surgeon working in an operating room which meets the highest standards of safety and hygiene. While patients may be enticed by the reduced initial costs of these surgeries in a foreign country, the potential risks and complications can make this seemingly cost-saving alternative, extremely costly both to their future health and finances.


Tummy Tuck - The tummy tuck is another popular plastic surgery procedure commonly sought after in foreign countries.  The Los Angeles based medical group notes that the safest and most cutting-edge methods are more likely to be utilized by leading plastic surgeons that follow extremely strict standards of safety and cleanliness such as the ones in the United States.

Buttock Enhancements - Popular buttock enhancement procedures like the Brazilian butt lift are often sought after in other countries because of their lower costs and the added bonus of vacationing while in recovery. However, BHP notes that while these reasons may initially entice patients to undergo their procedures internationally, a buttock enhancement procedure is properly performed by highly experienced and extremely skilled surgeons who hold themselves to the highest standards of health and hygiene.  

Patients should keep their health and well-being in mind when considering plastic surgery both at home and internationally. Plastic surgery procedures performed by extremely experienced surgeons under the strictest standards not only help ensure the safety of the patient, but can also ensure the most ideal results. 

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Men who seek plastic surgery treatments appear to be generally concerned with procedure speeds, recovery time, natural results and minimal discomfort, according to recent article on Metro. At BHP, we think the increasing interest in plastic surgery procedures obtained by men underlines the acceptance of plastic surgery as well as an increased demand for the most leading-edge procedures. Today’s men can effectively enhance their appearance with a variety of extremely safe and cutting-edge plastic surgery procedures and treatments that address their initial concerns. These treatments include:

Nonsurgical facial procedures - One of the biggest concerns for men who desire to physically enhance their appearance is the speed and recovery time of their procedures. There are a variety of minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures such as Botox, which can provide noticeable results with little to no recovery time. These procedures involve making several facial injections that smooth out any unsightly wrinkles to give the patient a more rejuvenated and well rested appearance. This non-surgical treatment is very brief and patients can return to their usual routine right after the procedure.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) - For a significantly more youthful look, many men may consider eyelid surgery to help remove the years of stress and aging that have taken a toll on their skin’s elasticity and appearance. This extremely safe procedure typically addresses any dark eye circles or sagging skin above and below the eye. When performed by a skillful and experienced surgeon, this minimally invasive procedure provides a natural and subtle look of rejuvenation.

Rhinoplasty - Men that are often unsatisfied with the shape and size of their nose will commonly opt for a rhinoplasty procedure. They are also oftentimes obtained by men with breathing problems caused by a nose injury or deviated septum. This extremely safe and highly effective procedure can make a significant difference to a patient’s appearance, while also providing the most natural results. Whatever the reason that a rhinoplasty is obtained, patients can enjoy the benefits of this relatively quick procedure with the least amount of recovery time possible.


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A recent article on Allure explains that even non-surgical cosmetic procedures require thoughtful consideration on the part of patients, as well as medical professionals, in order to achieve the most desirable results. They’re not wrong. Although cosmetic procedures using injectables such as Botox and Restylane are performed very routinely and are extremely effective, health and safety should remain a top-of-mind priority for patients before undergoing any procedure. Working with the most experienced and skilled medical providers possible is always important when obtaining non-surgical cosmetic treatments, it’s also very definitely the case when obtaining an actual plastic surgery. Specifically:

Facelifts – While injectables produce results that patients love, the results are temporary. This is why many patients opt for the longer lasting results of a surgical facelift. The facelift has been performed over many decades and remains one of the most powerfully effective and safest treatments to improve the appearance of a woman or man. Nevertheless, it’s always best to select the most experienced and skilled physicians available like our outstanding BHP team.   

Breast Augmentation - By far one of the most common plastic surgery procedures sought out by women today is breast augmentation. Patients who undergo this procedure rely on a highly skilled and extremely experienced plastic surgeon to safely and effectively place the implants in order to obtain the desired size and shape. A highly trained surgeon can work with a patient to determine whether silicone, saline, or gummy bear implants are the best and safest choice in her particular situation.


Buttock Enhancement - Rivaling breast augmentation in popularity, the Brazilian butt lift represents a significant step forward over older procedures. This form of buttock augmentation involves using the patient’s own body fat to effectively contour the buttock into the desired shape and form. This has major benefits in that it allows a skilled plastic surgeon to sculpt a fuller and more voluptuous backside while also reducing the chances of complications. Our BHP team of highly skilled and extremely experienced surgeons and medical staff work hard to not only provide the patient with their desired results but also ensure that patients are as comfortable and safe as possible during any procedure.

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According to a new study, using standing desks only burns two extra calories every 15 minutes when compared to sitting throughout an 8 hour work day. These findings only further underline the importance of weight loss procedures that can actually produce a significant weight loss. Fortunately, severely obese patients can benefit from a variety of highly effective and extremely safe weight loss surgery procedures:

Gastric Sleeve – Of all the procedures available to severely obese patients, sleeve gastrectomy is among the most popular and proven. This procedure involves removing a large portion of the stomach and then sewing the remainder into a sleeve, dramatically limiting the amount of food the stomach can comfortably hold. Especially because of an additional impact in terms of lowering the production of hunger-inducing hormones in the body, this method is found by many patients to be especially powerful.

Lap-Band - Oftentimes, severely obese patients decide to undergo gastric banding procedures, the best known being Lap-Band. The procedure utilizes a band that divides the upper part of the stomach and enables the patient to feel full after consuming a small amount of food. The band is typically then adjusted by the weight loss surgeon to maximize results. In instances where bands may not produce sufficient results or if issues have occurred from a procedure obtained elsewhere, the Los Angeles medical group notes that patients can also benefit from weight loss revision surgery.

Orbera Gastric Balloon - Patients who do not qualify for weight loss surgery have the option of undergoing a new non-surgical weight loss procedure that has been used successfully abroad for some time. The Orbera gastric balloon is endoscopically placed into the patient’s stomach and then inflated so that patients feel full after eating small amounts of food and can then more easily lose their excess weight. The procedure is temporary, but patients report powerful impacts.


If you are considering having any of these procedures done with us at BHP, know that our patients who successfully lose weight and may then have to deal with loose folds of skin and other issues, can be helped by our team of leading plastic surgeons with the very latest in body contouring procedures.

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A July 7 article on Haute Living features a thorough explanation of a rhinoplasty procedure and advice on how to ensure the best outcomes. The article goes on to emphasize that plastic surgery patients should put plenty of effort into researching the best surgeons in order to obtain their desired results. At BHP, we agree that patients should show great care in choosing a physician as well as selecting just the right procedure for them. Patients interested in accentuating their features through plastic surgery can do so with the help of an experienced plastic surgeon and a variety of extremely safe and highly effective procedures, such as:

Eyelid Surgery - Stress, sun damage and age can take a real toll on a patient’s face. Many patients who seek out eyelid surgery procedures desire to remove unsightly bags, discoloration or wrinkles above or below their eyes, allowing for a more youthful and well-rested appearance. However, the medical group adds that eyelid surgery is also often sought out for more than just cosmetic reasons. Excess skin on the eyelid can affect vision and may actually hamper peripheral vision, posing a potential hazard in some cases. Regardless of the reasons for seeking out this procedure, this is a delicate procedure involving major sensory organs, and it is definitely important for patients to seek out an experienced physician.


Tummy Tuck - Many patients desire to remove the excess and unsightly flabs of skin around their stomachs that appear mostly after a dramatic weight loss, such as following a bariatric surgery, or after childbirth. In these circumstances, a tummy tuck performed by a highly trained and extremely experienced plastic surgeon can successfully remove the excess skin and fat in order to create a more attractive appearance. Of course, it’s important to work with a skilled and knowledgeable plastic surgeon who knows how to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Breast Augmentation - Breast augmentations remain among the most popular and time-tested procedures. Yet, it’s still crucial to make sure that you are working with an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. However, the number of choices available to today’s patients has never been greater. Options include silicone, saline and gummy bear implants, which patients can select with the help of their doctors based on their individual needs.

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The success story of English TV personality Katie Price’s recent breast reduction surgery was recently detailed in an article on Lifestyle One. Although breast augmentation procedures are more widely known, it’s good for women to know that plastic surgeons also offer safe and effective breast reduction procedures for patients who want to reduce their breast size. At BHP, our breast reduction surgery procedures are often sought after by patients for a variety of reasons, such as:

Physical Restrictions - Some women often experience physical limitations due to the size and weight of their breasts. Large breasts can often get in the way of performing simple tasks such as walking and standing for long periods of time, and can make participation in certain sports extremely difficult. Breast reduction is a procedure that makes it more likely for women to be able to become increasingly active and comfortable during their daily activities.

Back and Neck Strain - The weight of large breasts can seriously strain the back and neck of a patient. This can cause physical discomfort and often leads to poor posture. Today’s extremely safe and effective breast reduction procedures provide relief on the patient’s back and neck, while also drastically improving their posture. In the long run, various back and neck complications are more likely to be avoided in the future after a patient undergoes breast reduction surgery.

Unwanted attention - Women don’t always undergo breast reduction only to experience improvements in their posture and adjust their body proportions. Younger women in particular often experience unwanted attention and possibly negative perceptions solely based on their large breast size. This often leads to body image issues and anxiety that can negatively affect a patient throughout her life. Breast reduction surgery in these cases enables women to experience a drastic improvement in their overall comfort and sense of self-confidence.

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A recent article on Fox News details how diabetes remission after weight loss surgery ultimately decreases the chances for the patient to develop debilitating eye and nerve damage later in life. It’s very good news, of course, but diabetes remission, while a truly significant positive outcome that many patients are benefiting from, is only one of the health and quality of life improvements patients are likely to experience after bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgery patients not only avoid a myriad of damaging obesity-related health complications related to such issues as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, but can also experience numerous other benefits, such as:

Life expectancy - Severely obese patients are constantly at risk of developing dangerous health conditions that can shorten their life span. Even apart from its relationship to type 2 diabetes, obesity is known to greatly increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, many types of cancer, and other life threatening complications. These complications can be improved or even completely avoided when a patient loses weight through bariatric surgery.

Energy - When a weight loss surgery patient physically has less weight to carry around, their energy levels are often drastically increased for many reasons. Breathing is often generally easier, especially while patients are exerting themselves, and such issues as sleep apnea, a dangerous condition that also directly leads to significant fatigue, are often improved or completely alleviated. Moreover, reduced weight simply makes it easier to move around, and patients generally report being able to do more physically while exercising or engaging in favorite activities.


Self-confidence - After successfully shedding excess pounds, weight loss surgery patients not only feel better, but they look better too. This positive improvement in their physical appearance and state of health enables the bariatric surgery patient to experience a greater sense of confidence. Of course, they also offer a variety of safe and cutting-edge plastic surgery procedures for weight loss patients that want to remove any loose folds of excess skin that have accumulated after losing a drastic amount of weight.

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A recent article published on E Online details various plastic surgery procedures that most people are unfamiliar with. The article goes on to state that individuals are now more comfortable seeking to undergo not only the better known procedures, but also many of these less common operations such as calf and cheek reduction.

It seems to us at BHP that the increase in uncommon plastic surgery procedures strongly emphasizes the normalization of plastic surgery in modern society. As plastic surgery is becoming more standard, it is increasingly important to continue to offer patients surgical procedures that are cutting-edge and comprehensive, but also extremely safe and highly effective. Today, patients can benefit from the variety of services, including:

Tummy Tuck - Loose folds of skin are often left over after patients experience a significant weight loss, such as following a pregnancy or a successful weight loss procedure. When this is the case, an expertly performed tummy tuck can help by removing unsightly, and often uncomfortable, skin folds, as well as excess fatty tissue.

Rhinoplasty - Facial plastic surgery procedures require a keen eye and a supremely high level of precision. Indeed, our BHP medical team routinely performs quite delicate rhinoplasties with great care and attention on a routine basis. This level of care is important in not only producing the ideal visual results for the patient but is vital considering that these procedures directly impact the ear, nose, and throat. Indeed, our patients often obtain rhinoplasties for health as well as cosmetic reasons.

bhp-blogBreast Augmentation - Although breast augmentation procedures are very well known and commonly sought after by women, many are unaware of the different types of implants available for them to choose from. At BHP, we offer our patients silicone, liquid filled saline, and gel (gummy bear) implants, ensuring that every procedure, no matter how routine, is carefully customized to fit the needs of the individual patient.

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A recent article on The Health Site discusses the various plastic surgery procedures that are currently popular among men. The article goes on to mention that men are often specifically interested in surgically improving such areas as their chest, eyelids, neck and stomach. The reality is that, as a growing number of men are seeking to improve their appearance through plastic surgery, offering male patients the very best in cutting-edge surgery procedures is becoming an ever more important aspect of our work here at BHP. Our male patients can significantly benefit from plastic surgery for a variety of reasons:

Youthful Appearance - The physical signs of aging are, not surprisingly, often a major concern for patients considering plastic surgery. Even for relatively young patients, enduring high levels of stress can take a toll on their appearance. Moreover, patients are often unhappy with the fact that they appear older than they actually are and are concerned about its impact on their social life. For our plastic surgeons, the individual needs of each and every patient are a top priority, including their frequent desire to shave years off of their appearance. For example, many patients who want a more youthful look often choose to undergo eyelid surgery, removing baggy eyelids that can make a man look tired and many years older than his actual age.


Career Goals - For the career oriented patient, maintaining a youthful physical appearance is very important to combat age-discrimination and maintain a competitive edge against younger looking members of the work force. Patients often worry that their aging looks can keep them from being considered for jobs or promotions. We offer our patients a large number of cutting-edge surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures that restore a patient’s youthful self-confidence.

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According to a recent article on Yahoo News, Australian based surgeons are calling to regulate plastic surgery procedures for improved patient safety. The call for regulation was stirred by a reported surge in complications among surgery patients who were either given too much local anesthetic or suffered from infections caused by unsterile operating conditions. Of course, patient safety is a high priority worldwide and is very tightly regulated in the U.S., so that American plastic surgery is now safer than ever before. Naturally, our highly qualified and experienced surgeons at BHP perform all of their procedures with the safety and satisfaction of each patient as their absolute highest priority at all times.

  • Eyelid Surgery- Eyelid surgery is chosen by patients who wish to correct issues above and below their eyes such as double hooded lids or dark circles. These eyelid conditions are not only unflattering to a patient but can also affect vision. Our highly experienced surgeons give special attention to the delicate area around the eyes through their use of only the most advanced minimally invasive techniques.

phoca thumb l israel-blepharoplasty-002

  • Breast Reduction - Although breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure sought out by women, breast reduction offers the patient a chance to remedy the many physical discomforts that occur because of the size and weight of the breasts. Reduction procedures are often sought out by young women who may be suffering from unwanted attention as well as back pain and other issues. Obviously, the health, safety, and satisfaction of younger patients are always extremely high priorities when performing this extremely safe, but nevertheless demanding procedure.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift - A procedure preferred by patients seeking a more natural approach at enhancement, the Brazilian butt lift is the safest method for buttock augmentation. Utilizing transferred fat from the patient’s own body, the Brazilian butt lift enhances the patient’s behind with more freedom from the qualified surgeon to contour the area in proportion to the patient’s body. Using the patient’s own body fat also reduces the risk of complications related to infection. Overall, experts agree that this plastic surgery technique ensures patient safety while providing the desired results.
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A new trial that is set to be launched this summer will study the link between preventing breast cancer recurrence and weight loss, according to an article published on The Guardian. The study aims to establish whether weight loss combined with exercise is significant in decreasing the chances for women to be at risk for recurring breast cancer diagnosis.

Studies like the Yale University trial point towards the reality that weight management is crucial for avoiding a great many life-threatening diseases. The reality is that undergoing weight loss surgery provides an array of health benefits for patients.

  • Mobility - One of the many reasons individuals decide to undergo weight loss surgery is due to their physical inability to participate in daily activities. Excess weight can lead to arthritis, sleep apnea, asthma, gout and other diseases that can disrupt functional mobility in day-to-day life. With procedures like sleeve gastrectomy or Lap-Band, weight loss specialists help patients lose the weight which can greatly increase the pain associated with such conditions as arthritis. Many patients have had to give up favorite activities because of conditions associated with their weight and may be hoping to achieve a more active lifestyle after losing weight; undergoing weight loss surgery makes it easier for patients to do so.
  • Life expectancy - Obesity is known to cause a variety of diseases that shorten the life span of nearly everyone who suffers from it. Indeed, medical experts agree that such conditions as heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer on top of their weight issues drastically decreases the chances for an individual to live a long and healthy life. Bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric sleeve and Lap-Band have been proven to help patients with a great many other ongoing and future health complications.

Confidence - Patients who opt for weight loss surgery do so not only for health reasons but to also feel good about themselves. Low self-esteem can often keep individuals from feeling happy and, for a patient determined to lose weight, mental well-being is just as important as physical health. The bariatric surgery procedures we offer are performed using the latest, minimally invasive techniques, which reduces scarring and only adds on to the new sense of confidence experienced by a patient. For patients who may have cosmetic issues following a weight loss, our BHP plastic surgery team is also available to provide support.


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An article published recently on CNN explains that more and more women are opting for buttock augmentation procedures in Africa. According to the article, the increased popularity of this procedure is largely due to the availability of smart phones and social media in Nigeria and Ghana, as well as the nations’ rapidly growing economies. At BHP, we’re convinced that the consistent growth of butt lifts and other plastic surgery procedures both domestically and around the world is a sign that cosmetic procedures have truly arrived to improve the lives of women and men, not only in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, but worldwide.

The large majority of our buttock augmentation patients opt for the Brazilian Butt Lift. The procedure, which employs transferred body fat taken from elsewhere in the body through liposuction, has become the standard for those interested in a more natural type of implant with contoured volume and firmness. As the most sought after buttock enhancement procedure, the Brazilian Butt Lift gives patients a sense of confidence with a fuller and more voluptuous silhouette. Of course, buttock augmentation is only one of many procedures.

buttock procedure

While buttock procedures may be particularly trendy at the moment, breast augmentation remains an extremely popular option with a great many women. Facial rejuvenation procedures, ranging from injectables such as Botox and Restylane to more traditional face lifts for longer lasting results are also popular and rapidly growing types of procedures. With the growing popularity of plastic surgeries, members of the public are increasingly realizing that cosmetic procedures are not only for the rich and famous. Our highly knowledgeable and compassionate consultants are even able, in many cases, to create payment plans that can fit into the budget of the great majority of patients. We truly pride ourselves on providing outstanding care to patients from all walks of life.

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Los Angeles and Beverly Hills has long been associated with stunning, high quality plastic surgery procedures, so it is not surprising that the practice is quickly spreading to all corners of the world as leading cosmetic surgeons seek to emulate L.A.’s world-class services, as a recent article published May 22nd on AME Info explains. It seems that, because of the all-time high level of demand for high-quality plastic surgery, increasingly savvy patients are seeking out the services of the most esteemed surgeons in their areas, from Beverly Hills and throughout Greater Los Angeles to Beirut, and beyond.

This demand is spurred by many factors; the first and foremost being the so-called Hollywood effect. Sporting a host of entertainment and television stars, our area has a reputation for being image-conscious, so it’s no surprise that plastic surgery has grown in acceptance in the City of Angels more than some other places. As a city full of aspiring actors, performers, and entertainment professionals, it is undeniable that a youthful appearance may offer women and men a competitive edge in terms of both career and personal goals. Of course, plastic surgery has also been viewed as an asset by those outside the show biz limelight. Nowadays, in order to remain competitive in what can be called an age-conscious environment cosmetic procedures have been sought after by a great many businesspeople, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and a host of other career-oriented individuals. 

By practicing the most advanced plastic surgery techniques, we at BHP ensure that our patients look their very best, and that their results meet and even defy expectations. One prominent example of our commitment to innovation is the Brazilian butt lift, an increasingly popular buttock augmentation procedure. By using a patient’s own body fat, it offers the lowest risk of complication, ensuring that the results of the procedure last.

When it comes to breast augmentation, a great many patients have experienced success with the next-generation “gummy bear” implants, which offer exceptionally natural results, granting the patient improved body proportions and a boost of self-esteem. When it comes to providing patients with results that help them look their very best, we at BHP have been well ahead of the curve for many years.


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More than a third of American adults are considered obese, says the National Institutes of Health, so it is not surprising that bariatric surgery has received increased attention in recent years, as a recent article published on the Baltimore Business Journal explains. Of course, when it comes to weight loss, most people are familiar with the basic requirements of maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen. However, according to Dr. Christopher You, a medical director quoted in the article, “individuals who are severely obese are resistant to maintaining weight loss achieved by conventional therapies.” This means that, the more weight an individual with severe obesity needs to lose, the harder it can be to actually lose it, not to mention keeping the pounds off in the long-term. The article goes so far as to say that, keeping the weight off in the long-term is “nearly impossible for those affected by severe obesity by any means other than bariatric surgery.” This information jibes with the experiences of our former and current bariatric patients here at BHP, and highlights the reality that a great many people with severe obesity face – conventional weight loss methods are simply not effective in remedying the problem.  

Our highly experienced surgical team regularly performs a number of weight loss procedures that consistently help our patients improve their lives. One of these, the Lap Band procedure, is a minimally invasive procedure intended to help patients feel fuller faster than previously from smaller meals. As the patient loses weight, the band can be adjusted by a bariatric surgeon for comfort and effectiveness.  

Another weight loss procedure that is becoming increasingly popular is the gastric sleeve. This procedure involves removing a large portion of the stomach tissue, forming a sleeve-like shape that also reduces the stomach capacity. As an added benefit, the procedure curbs the release of the hunger hormones responsible for the “craving” sensation that compels many people with severe obesity to eat more, and more often, than they intend to.

For patients who are not considered severely obese, the Orbera gastric balloon, a temporary non-surgical procedure, is also available.


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One Florida-based plastic surgeon’s enthusiasm is proving to be contagious among a great many fans and potential patients, according to a recent article on Vanity Fair. In fact, as the article explains, more than a few of his patients are comfortable with having snippets of their procedures broadcast to more than 800,000 Snapchat fans. Commenting on this trend, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, also known as Dr. Miami, notes that, “people have never seen these surgeries before…I remember the first time I saw one, I was mesmerized.” This phenomenon is evidence that plastic surgery has become greatly destigmatized in recent years, and it shows how open and interested people are when it comes to cosmetic procedures. The medical group explains some of the procedures that have been widely growing in popularity, helped in no small part by the social media revolution:

Brazilian butt lift – Curves that announce themselves proudly have had an impact on fashion and style trends in recent years, and more and more women are seeking out procedures to gain firmness and volume in their behinds. Patients electing to have this procedure typically elect the fat transfer technique known popularly as the Brazilian butt lift, in which the plastic surgeon collects the patient’s own fat through liposuction, often from the waist, stomach, or thighs.  The collected fat is then purified and incorporated into the buttock area via a series of injections. Because the fat is from the patient’s own body, there is very little risk of complication, which helps to ensure that the attractive and voluminous results are going to last.

Tummy tuck – All too often, even exercise aficionados find that excess skin and fat tends to collect in the abdominal area. Tummy tucks, also known as abdominoplasty, are sought out by a great many women, as well as men, to eliminate stubborn belly fat and provide for a more balanced and attractive overall figure. The procedure is also elected by people who have undergone dramatic weight loss who wish to remove the ensuing flabby skin. What’s more, tummy tucks are often the cornerstone of a suite of procedures known as a mommy makeover, intended to correct many of the less than desirable effects of pregnancy on a woman’s figure.


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