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Rhinoplasty Cost

Considering a nose job? Thinking about rhinoplasty cost, too? Well, that’s only natural. Operations that improve the appearance of the nose, as well as it’s functioning in some cases, are among the most popular of plastic surgeries and something we do a lot of here at Beverly Hills Physicians. Even so, it’s somewhat difficult to directly address the issue of cost for two reasons:

  1. Every procedure is different; some nose contouring procedures are more complex than others and require substantially more work by the surgeon.
  2. If there are physical issues as well as cosmetic concerns, it’s possible in some cases that insurance might cover the procedure.

In reality, the only way to determine what will be needed for a specific individual’s rhinoplasty here at BHP is to schedule a free consultation. During the appointment, the physician will take an in-depth look at a patient’s overall condition and recommend a course of treatment, which will include an estimate of the expensive for the procedure, as well as covering such important matters as the likely recovery time that will follow the operation.

Ballpark Figure, Please?

We hear you. It’s entirely understandable that people want to at least have some clue about what they’re likely going to have to pay before embarking on a procedure. Unfortunately, the range for rhinoplasties is particularly large because of the delicate and complex nature of the ear, nose, and throat regions. We can say, however, that the RealSelf web site says that rhinoplasties can range from as little as $2,750 to as much as $11,950. The average amount, the site says, is $7,475. Of course, if the patient also is suffering from such issues as a deviated septum, it’s possible that insurance may cover the procedure, making the costs drastically lower.

What about Financing?

If you find the above somewhat intimidating, you should know that our friendly and understanding consultants are able to create payment plans that can put the cost of a rhinoplasty or most other procedures well within reach of people on a budget.

These procedures are not just movie stars and multi-millionaires. Beverly Hills Physicians has performed procedures for people from all walks of life. Yes, we’ve helped our share of performers and people who work behind the scenes in entertainment, but we’ve also worked with our share of teachers, office assistants, waitstaff, and even a few construction workers.

Getting Started

Beverly Hills Physicians is dedicated to the proposition that everyone who really wants a plastic surgery should be able to get one. If you’re serious about exploring the possibility of a rhinoplasty, or any other plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure, our team of first-rate specialists are here to provide outstanding care.

If you’re ready to get that ball rolling on a procedure, please call us at the phone number above or request a consultation online. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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