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Health Improvements Come from Bariatric Surgery

If you’re severely overweight, weight loss surgery might be your best option for getting to a healthier weight. Sometimes surgical options are the best way to combat the health risks associated with obesity, from diabetes to heart disease. When you lose weight, your risk of getting certain cancers, like breast and colon cancer, are significantly lowered. Bariatric surgery can also lower the risk of depression. Beverly Hills Physicians is a network of plastic surgeons, bariatric surgeons, and wellness experts who are dedicated to creating happier and healthier lives for our patients, and we’re here to help.

In order to qualify for weight loss surgery, you need to be severely obese, with a body mass index of at least 40, or 35 coupled with an obesity-related illness. If you qualify, you have a couple of different surgical options. Lap Band is a minimally invasive and reversible procedure that features a band placed around the upper part of the stomach. Another option is gastric sleeve, which is a more drastic procedure but sees extremely reliable weight loss results. Gastric sleeve surgery involves removing around 70 to 80 percent of the stomach, including the part that produces a key hunger stimulating hormone. Talk to your surgeon at Beverly Hills Physicians before choosing your procedure.

Weight loss surgery isn’t a magic cure for obesity, but it’s an amazing step in the right direction. With hard work and dedication, every part of your body and mind can start feeling healthier as you lose weight. Call Beverly Hills Physicians today to discuss options like Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve and answer any questions.


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Disclaimer: Results vary, patients may achieve different cosmetic and weight loss results depending on body type, medical history, selected procedure and a variety of other factors. One patient’s success as shown by before and after pictures in no way guarantees similar results for other prospective patients.