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Breast Augmentation with Beverly Hills Skilled Surgeons

When a woman is pregnant, her body naturally gains weight to ensure mother and child are safe and have enough nutrition. After the child is born, though, that weight may not go away like you want it to. Breastfeeding can change the shape and size of the breasts, too. Of course you love you children more than life itself, but you still may want your body to look like it did before your first. Beverly Hills Physicians can help. Our expert plastic surgeons offer a fantastic suite of procedures called the Mommy Makeover, which includes liposuction Beverly Hills moms like you rely on to bring back their youthful sheen.

The Mommy Makeover package includes breast augmentation at Beverly Hills Physicians. While many women want a larger bust, pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause other changes to the bosom that are not aesthetically pleasing. The breasts may become larger, but they can also sag and look uneven. The breast augmentation experts at Beverly Hills Physicians round out the bust, ensure the breasts are even, and can even reduce the size of the areolas, which may change after pregnancy. Instead of having to rely on special support bras, your bosom will match the rest of your figure, and you know you will look great in any outfit, for any occasion.

A tummy tuck at Beverly Hills Physicians is another excellent part of the Mommy Makeover package. The procedure removes excess fat and skin, then tightens the abdominal muscles, so your stomach looks fit and youthful again. Contact Beverly Hills Physicians today for your first appointment with our skilled plastic surgeons. 


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