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BHP Is Helping New Moms

While motherhood is filled with joys, it can also lead to self-esteem issues. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we see new mothers like yourself all the time come in, unhappy with some of the less slightly effects of a pregnancy and childbirth. While many mothers are able to make time to go to the gym, there are limits on what can be done. From loose skin to sagging breasts, pregnancy can definitely take its toll. But just because the changes happened naturally doesn’t mean you have to stay unhappy with your new body.

Beverly Hills Physicians is staffed with the best surgical staff, healthcare professionals, and wellness experts in Southern California. With a combined total of over a hundred years of surgical experience, our staff is dedicated to giving the best surgical experience to our patients. New and expert mothers often come to us for our special mommy makeover, which features multiple plastic surgery options to undo the damage that pregnancy and motherhood has done to their bodies.

Among the procedures we offer in the mommy makeover are tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Other surgical options include body lift, breast reduction, face lifts, rhinoplasty, and much more. If you’d like to discuss your various choices, call Beverly Hills Physicians today. We can set up a completely free consultation to talk about what surgeries interest you, answer any questions you may have, and set up further appointments, with no hassle to you. There are also financing options for our patients.


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